Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Adventures in Advertising

Communication - What does advertising attempt to communicate? What messages do your actions, appearance, work, and words communicate to those around you? How might you use principles of advertising to communicate more effectively with others?

Culture - How are advertising techniques influenced by culture?

Connections -
What is viral marketing? How does viral marketing work? How might one capitalize on principles of viral marketing (and information from other disciplines) to make an idea "contagious?"

Comparisons - How does advertising differ from one culture to another?

Communities - How are you (and society) influenced by advertising? How do teens influence the media? In what ways does your life "advertise" certain values, beliefs, and principles?
How can you creatively use your personal influence to transform society in positive ways?

Analyzing an Ad.doc
Advertising Vocab List.doc
Lo que nos vale.doc
Project Peer Eval Sheet.doc
Publicity Project Rubric.rtf
TV Observation Sheet.doc

Marketing - This link will take you to the Mentoring, Leadership, & Change: Designing Compelling Experiences for 21st Century Learners wiki page on Marketing. The page links to examples of a variety of popular marketing techniques in different languages--all of which could be used as the basis for student projects.

Low-tech Alternative: Students can do these as print ads or skits in class.

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