Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Capture a Concept

Communication - How might you communicate your feelings about and understanding of a powerful concept to others?

Culture - How are the concepts that we use to understand the world influenced by the cultures in which we live?

Connections -

Comparisons - How do the concepts chosen by our class reflect the things valued by our culture?

Communities -

Ads, Images, & Stereotypes - This link will take you to a page with images (some not appropriate for classroom use) depicting typical stereotypes about women

One Minute - A one-minute video about the importance of using time wisely.

This project could be done using digital storytelling, e-scrapbooking, or iMovie.

Capture a Concept English.doc
Captar un concepto Spanish - Rubric In Eng.doc
Concept Assignment Lesson Notes.doc

Low-tech Alternative: Have students use posterboard and/or scrapbooking supplies to produce print versions of their projects. They can also perform skits or tape-record their projects.

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