Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Series of Excel-lent Events

Excellent Events.xls - Did you know that Excel can be used like a storybook? It can also be used to "hide" answers to review games!

  • Open Excel
  • Format, Row, Height, 10
  • Format, Column, Width, 3
  • Format, Sheet, Background, (Select picture from the file) - This will embed the picture into the background.
  • Insert, Comment, (type your text into the box that appears). Text boxes can be formatted using the drawing toolbar. To activate that: View, Toolbars, Drawing
  • Tools, Options, View (Can decide if you want to have all the comments show up, or only the red triangle indicators, hide gridlines, scroll bars, etc., and change other preferences here)
  • View, Comments (Lets you see all the hidden comments at once so you don't have to "look" for them)
  • Double-click on the tabs to change the names of the pages
  • To insert more "pages" - Insert, worksheet
  • To insert audio files: Position your cursor where you want the sound icon to appear, Insert, Object, WAV, (plug microphone into computer and record up to 60 seconds of sound), to listen, double-click on the sound icon that appears in the page.

Low-tech Alternative: Students can create a flipbook story by sliding pictures into clear sheet protectors and connecting them with ribbons or metal rings. The audio portion of the story can be added by having them record an audio cassette on a standard tape recorder so that a listener/reader could read the book while listening to the tape.

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